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E- Chris's Most Important Question - word search

E- Chris's Most Important Question - word puzzle

M- Corazón de Amor  - palabras reveltas

M- Fire! Fire! Fire! - word search

E- Just a Child - word search

E,M,H- Secret for a Long Life - word scrambles & word puzzles

M- The B-I-B-L-E - word scramble & word game

E- The Corn Field Catastrophe - word search  


H- #4-12 - Cryptogram 

M- A Real Home - word search

        VH- A Real Home-Sequel - word search

M- Ex-Con - word search

H- Extreme - word search

E-Grounded - word search

M- The Shooting - word search

M- Together for Good - word search

H- Triángulo Misterioso de la Vida - palabras reveltas


H- Be Anxious for Nothing - word scramble & word puzzle

M- Be Not Conformed - word search

M- Clay in the Master's Hand - word search

H- Diagnosis: Cancer - word search

M- Ex-Convict - word search

H- Fear Thou Not - word scramble

VH- I Was Blind - word search

H- Matt's True Friend - word search

VH- Saved - Cryptograms

Senior Citizens

M- #4-7 Cryptogram

H- Activities in Heaven - word search

VH- A Spiritual Journey - word search

E- Jesus, In Sickness and in Pain - word search

E- Jesus Loves Me - Seniors - word search

E- When Time Seems Short - word search

en Español

M- Buenas Noticias - búsqueda de la palabra

H- Cuando Me Siento... - búsqueda de la palabra

M- Echa Toda tu Carga - búsqueda de la palabra

VH- Salvo - criptogramas

M- Un Día - búsqueda de la palabra

All Ages

M- How to Read the Bible - word search

E- Only One Savior - word search

M- Secret of the Door - word game

M- Steps to Understanding the King James Version - matching

M- Trust - word search & word puzzle                                             


M- Thanksgiving - word puzzle

E- Thanksgiving - word search

E- Thanksgiving - word tiles

M- Christmas - word puzzles

M- Christmas - word scrambles

E- Christmas - word search 

M- Happy New Year - word search

E- Trick-or-Treat - word search

Color code for puzzle size: Easy - up to 15x15, Medium - up to 20x20, Hard -up to 25x25, Very Hard - up to 30x30

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