The Shooting


       The young preacher came to the front as the youth group shuffled into their “I-dare-you-to-teach-me-anything” posture. His face was anxious; he was not yet used to talking to teens. He began somewhat nervously.

        “Um… about 7 years ago there was a preacher of a small church who had to teach school to make ends meet. Uh, He was a math teacher and one day in his pre-calculus class…”


        A boy and girl in the back of the auditorium slumped down a little farther.

        …there was a sudden disturbance in the front row. The smartest kid in the class, Winston, was grasping a pistol in his pocket and screaming,        


        “I’m going to kill someone today! No one around here has ever been my friend. You all treat me like dirt, and I’m the best there is.”

        The couple in the back straightened up a bit.

        “Oh, uh, I forgot to tell you that there were 2 students at the blackboard doing homework. One was his own 17 year old son Craig. The other was his best friend Jeff.”

        While Winston was making his insane tirade, one the quieter students, Lyn, suddenly took charge, and motioned the rest of the small class, out of the classroom silently. Uh, the teacher could see clearly that this young genius was dead serious. In a panicky speech, he tried to talk the distraught student out of hurting anyone, but with no success.   


        The back row duo were now listening.

        Still ranting on about unfair treatment, Winston made his move. The teacher saw him pulling the gun, and he had to make, uh, the worst decision of his life. You see, the teacher knew his son had asked Jesus to forgive him and come into his heart only 3 months before. He knew Craig would be in heaven if he were shot. Jeff would end up in, uh, hell. Craig had tried to tell Jeff about Jesus, but, um, Jeff just thought his friend was trying something new and he would soon get over it. As Winston took aim at the trio in front, the teacher dove across one boy yelling,

        “I love y…” The gun fired. “ ‘…Craig!”

        The scene went silent for a second, then there was the sudden flurry of the school security guards subduing Winston. The class members peered back into the classroom to see, uh… Craig lying on the floor. It was Jeff the father had protected from a cold-blooded murder, not his own son.

                                                     person doing CPR

        The young preacher stuttered on to finish his message. After being dismissed, the couple was discussing the story

        “That a pretty heroic story, but not very realistic.”

        “Right. No real father would let his own son get shot and save the friend.”

        The preacher’s wife had overheard the conversation and quietly approached the couple.

        “No, it may not sound very realistic, but it does show us what God did for us when He sent His only Son to die on the cross at Calvary. He allowed His own beloved Son to die an awful death to take the payment for your sin. Because He died, you can live forever in heaven if you just accept His payment for your sin.”

        The couple squirmed, but held their ground.

                                                                               teen couple

        “No way; it’s just not like that. Everyone thinks of themselves first.”

        “Well then, I need to tell you something. I’m Carolyn Baxter, the quiet girl in the class, and Craig was my twin brother. That teacher was my father. My husband, the preacher today, is Jeff.

                                         teen girl                  

Proverbs 17:17 A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

 ©2009 Wonderful Words for a Weary World


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