Chris's Most Important Question

A 3 year old asks the most important question mankind can ask.


            I grew up in a Christian home. My parents taught us from God's Word, the Bible, at a young age. I heard about sin, Jesus Christ dying on the cross, rising again the third day, and living in heaven where believers are going to be when they die.


         When I was almost 3, sitting on the couch, I asked,

         "Am I going to heaven?" 

         My Mom showed me verses from Romans about the things I heard. I got down, kneeled by the couch, and started to pray,


         "God, you save me!"  I then became a believer, and a child of God.  


         Even the next day I was able to obey my parents and grow spiritually from then on. It hasn't always been easy to follow God's ways. Once I listened to the wrong kind of music, but I confessed it to the Lord, and He forgave me. Sometimes I disobey, but God helps me.                                                                                                


          Now I pray that someone will accept God's Word by my true life story, and my actions. My favorite verse is John 3:16:


"For God                so loved

the world, that He gave His only

begotten son, that whosoever

believeth in Him should

not perish, but have




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